Doctor in the House

Filmed and directed

I made one of the films in this 4 x 60 min factual series about Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a GP who proves that simple lifestyle changes and good science can transform the […read more]

The Extraordinary Collector

Filmed and directed

I made four in this series of half hour documentaries with high-end London based art and antique collector Gordon Watson who has exclusive access into a world of wealthy and titled collectors. […read more]

Nick and Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?

Series Director
This BBC1 9pm two parter looks for the truth behind the immigration debate. In this social experiment presented by Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford, UK born and immigrants spend time together to […read more]

The Zoo Next Door

Produced, directed and filmed

This film follows three sets of people who love animals so much that the animals have taken over their lives. Presented by Jasmine Harman, the film looks into why people take […read more]

Summer in Blackpool

Filmed and directed

A one off observational documentary about how Blackpool, the ‘Las Vegas of northern England’, makes its summer season work. Following car park supremo Howard Plant, variety star Joe Longthorne and his promoter […read more]

Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew


I made 1 x 60 min film in a series in which British people learn and perform life-changing street dance routines with the UK’s most famous street crew, Diversity. Princess Productions. TX 2012

‘Why Poverty?’ Storyville


I produced 1 x 10 minute short commission won in open competition at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival. A partnership between Storyville and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Made with Mosaic Films. Shown at Sheffield […read more]

Can’t Take it With You


I made 2 x 60 mins films seeking to unscramble the emotions and deal with the problems when couples try and make a will. Presented by Sir Gerry Robinson. Talkback Thames. TX January and […read more]

The Big Silence

Camera/director (not in edit)

Contributing director across this series which follows up ‘The Monastery’ by following the spiritual awakening taking place in a silent retreat. Tiger Aspect TV. TX October 2010

Earth Reports


1 x 22 min film about attempts to preserve endangered crop species around the world. Made by TVE, London. TX from January 2008.



I made 2 x 30 mins films in the (second) series about Scottish fishermen’s adventures on the high seas. BBC Birmingham. TX June 2007. BAFTA nomination for best factual series.

I […read more]

Sweet Sixteen


I filmed and directed 2 x 60 mins in this observational series shot over eight months and set in a challenging school in Tottenham, North London. BBC Specialist Factual. TX January 2007

This […read more]