Making Slough Happy

Director/camera (not in edit)

Contributing PD to this investigation into the science of happiness. Five experts work together to transform the way the people of a town feel about themselves. Optomen Television. TX October 2005.

The Week the Women Went

Director (not in edit)

One of several contributing directors in a series experiment which sees what happens when the women are removed from a village. BBC Specialist Factual. TX August 2005.



BBC prime series about debt and the work of bailiffs around Britain. I made 3 x 30 mins of the films in the series. Tiger Aspect TV. TX from April 2005.

Sex Rules


1 x 30 min films in this series looking at modern sexual mores . My film, ‘Yummy Mummies’ follows young men on the hunt for older women. Raw TV. TX Nov 2003.



I made 1 x 30 min in the first series of ‘Trauma’, based at the A&E department of a hospital in Salford. BBC Specialist Factual. TX July 2003

City Hall, part of Landmark series.


1 x 30 min film. Ken Livingstone and the the GLA move into a high tech’ building. Is it a transparent building for transparent government? Produced by Juniper TV for the BBC. TX July […read more]

‘One a Knife’s Edge’ for First Sight


1 x 30 min film. A portrait of the radical work of the A&E unit at the Royal London Hospital including life on the road. BBC London. TX, February 2002.


Camera/director (not in edit)

One of three directors in the series. Foreign travel reality TV show where contributors are blindfolded, flown to an undisclosed location in the world and have to get to the UK […read more]

‘Charlie’s Angel’ for First Sight


1 x 30 min film. The story of Saira Bronson, from Bangladesh, who married Britain’s most notorious prisoner, Charles Bronson. BBC London. TX November 2001.

‘Last Days of The Dome’ for First Sight


1 x 30 min. A film about the Dome workers during the final months of the failed government enterprise. BBC London. TX January 2001.

Under the Knife


2 x 30 mins. ‘Penis’ and ‘Tumour’ in a six part series about people undergoing traumatic elective surgery and featuring close detail of techniques. Produced at RDF TV. TX July 2000. BAFTA nomination for […read more]

Hot Pursuits


20 x 5 min film inserts in a series on young people looking for work. Zenith North. TX July 1999