I came across Gerald and Linda Polley and their story while I was looking into people who believe themselves to inhabit or to commune with the souls of famous people. The character of John Lennon had come up a number of times by the time I found the Polleys. Being something of a Beatles fan myself (John was my favourite Beatle. The boringly obvious choice, I know) I was intrigued to hear that the Polleys claim to channel his music from the afterlife. Furthermore, when I heard the title track ‘Where Has Eternity Gone?’ – which feels both ethereal and heartfelt, along with a confounding title – I was ready to find out more.

Meet the Polleys and friends:

I asked them if they’d be interested in a visit which they readily agreed to, largely as I had called at a critical time, namely the US Presidential elections which they were following closely and were attempting to influence with the help of Lennon’s musical powers. It was November 2000 when I packed up my camera gear and flew to the US, arriving at the Polley’s home in Fargo, North Dakota as the first snow of winter was falling. George W Bush and Al Gore were contesting the Presidential Election and John Lennon was trying to swing the vote to save the afterlife from annihilation by the dark forces.